„It is extraordinary when an audience is captured by a universe you have
helped create” says Søren Bay, who graduated with an MA in Cinematography from
The National Film & Television School in London in 1997.

Søren Bay is initially educated as a stills photographer. He did however
soon realise that he wanted to work with moving images. He worked as a
gaffer for a couple of years before getting accepted at the NFTS in London.
„The NFTS is international and the working language is English. It has been
very inspiring and useful, especially when working abroad.

Søren Bay is very preoccupied with the process of filmmaking. He believes
that the work done prior to shooting is the key to success. „Film is a very
complex and vulnerable entity, and the more prepared you are, the freer you
are to work with the material. I trust my intuition and don’t shy away from
taking chances”.

Søren Bay highlights the relationship between the Director and the
Cinematographer and continues: „I believe that mutual respect is of great
importance. A good relationship between the Director and the Cinematographer
serves the film and enables me to be open-minded for input and prepared to
make compromises. Especially if those compromises create room for actors and
thereby open up the story. Obviously, aesthetics are of great importance, but
the story should dictate the technical side of a film process – not the other
way around”.


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